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My Assistance Dog

In 2002 I applied to a UK charity called 'Dogs for the Disabled' (DFD) to be considered for an assistance dog. The application process took a little time due to the fact that these very special dogs are carefully matched to their prospective new partners and the charity receives a lot of applications.

In August 2003 I had a matching visit with the staff from DFD and a wonderful yellow Labrador retriever called 'Henry'. Following that visit I was given a place on a 2 week residential training course at the charity's HQ in Oxfordshire England.

The course was excellent, as were the facilities provided. The buildings were purpose built a few years ago and were all very wheelchair friendly. All the staff at DFD are great and a big thanks goes out to Duncan and Sue my course instructors, who made the whole experience fun and one to remember. DFD even provide trained carers from 6pm to 8am each day if they are required.

Henry has become a very loyal friend and companion in a very short space of time. He still amazes me every day with all the tasks he has been trained to do for me. He can open and close doors, collects my post and puts my rubbish in the kitchen bin. He will fetch just about anything on command and knows several objects by name, this includes 'fetch the phone' in case of any emergency. He can pick up my crutches and grabbing stick too if I drop them. He is extremely intelligent and learns new tasks very quickly.

Below are a pictures from my course and of Henry, just click on any thumbnail to enlarge it and use your browser's 'BACK' button to return to this page. At the foot of the page you will find some useful other links. I never thought I would be able to look after a Dog because of my disability but Dogs for the disabled have made that possible for me.

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