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Energy Healing For Spinal Cord Injuries

Energy healing is a traditional way to heal that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit and can help you with a spinal injury.

Dr. Bill Butcher
Dec 21, 20226 Shares540 Views
Energy healingis a traditional way to heal that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit and can help you with a spinal injury.
It is possible for this method to have a direct effect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of well-being. It is used to treat a wide range of healthproblems, especially those related to mental health.
It deals with diseases that happen when the energy flow in the body gets messed up. People think that when the energy flow is fixed, the patient will heal on his or her own. There are many different ways to heal someone with energy, and each one has its own healing effect.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

Energy healing is a method that has been used for hundreds of years by people of all faiths and cultures. Techniques for healing that use energy are based on a few basic assumptions:
Practitioners believe these things: When the subtle energy that flows through and around the body is disturbed, physical symptoms show up.
By manipulating a patient's subtle energy, the patient's ability to heal himself or herself is turned on. Practitioners also believe that, in addition to our physical body, we have an energetic body (or even multiple energetic bodies).

Reiki Treatment

The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese words "Rei," which means "energy," and "Ki," which means "God's wisdom." A patient gets this therapy in addition to traditional medicine to treat a disease. In this kind of therapy, energy, or "ki," is used to help people.
Through different hand gestures and symbolic images, the energy of the universe is sent to the body to heal it. With Reiki, you can treat things like colds, the flu, headaches, and stomachaches. It also works very well for serious diseases like heart disease.
Reiki healing practice
Reiki healing practice

Reiki Is A Way To Use Energy

Reiki is based on the idea that everything is filled with a spiritual or "universal" life force energy. Reiki practitioners put their hands lightly on or just above a person's body to send this energy to them. This helps the person's natural ability to heal and keeps their own energy in balance.
People who get massages often say that they feel more comfortable, relaxed, and less stressed. People who want to feel good in their bodies, minds, and hearts frequently use reiki.

Reiki Healing

The main idea behind pranic healing is to use the body's life force to heal the body's energy. The person's aura or body energy is the main focus of this treatment. This therapy uses energy to get rid of toxins in the body, which helps the body heal faster.

Stone Healing

During this healing process, stones and crystals are used to remove toxins from the body.
Depending on how they work with the body, these stones and crystals help with different physical, mental, and spiritual problems in different ways. Negative energy is pushed out of the body, which is bad for both the body and the mind.
Crystal on Black Surface
Crystal on Black Surface

Quantum Therapy

The resonance and entertainment principle is what quantum healing is based on. The energy level of the body goes up when you breathe and visualize the flow of energy. Quantum healing is not just a spiritual practice; it also helps the immune system.


Qigongtherapy is done to bring the body back into balance after it has lost it. Qigong has been around for 4,000 years. It involves breathing exercises, meditation, and coordinated movements of the body to improve health and spirituality.
The therapy, which comes from Chinese medicine, is meant to balance the positive energy in the body, which is important for staying healthy. You can research other ancient healing techniquesin Joynumber.

Sound Therapy

People have thought that music can heal since the beginning of time. This natural way of healing has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher from long ago, is one example. He is well-known not only for his work in math but also for promoting the use of music as therapy. He is often credited with being the first person to say that music could help people feel better.

Sound Therapy Is A Method Used To Boost Energy

In sound therapy, different sounds and vibrations are used to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of a person. There are many different ways to do this, and how well it works mostly depends on the method used and the instrument(s) used to make the sound.
For example, a person who does vibrational sound therapy puts singing bowls on or near the body in a certain way.
When the bowls are hit, they cause vibrations in certain places. These vibrations help bring about emotional balance and relieve stress and energy.
The soft sounds of the bowls also trigger the body's natural ability to calm down. This makes it easier for the body to heal. A common form of sound therapy is the use of music in hospitals and by therapists.

Techniques For Getting Over Your Feelings (EFT)

Method of energy psychology EFT, which most people call "tapping," is often called "psychological acupressure."
EFT is based on the idea that blocks or imbalances in a person's energy flow can cause health problems and even poor performance, just like the other energy healing techniques we've talked about so far. EFT is unusual because it can fix energetic imbalances caused by emotional stress or traumas from the past.
In the United States, EFT was first made by a man named Gary Craig at the beginning of the 1990s. Since then, EFT has been used to treat a wide range of problems with surprisingly good results.
EFT has been used to help people with PTSD, chronic pain, and other problems. If you watch sports carefully, you might even see top athletes "tapping" to improve their performance.

EFT As A Way To Deal With Energy

EFT works by stimulating or tapping on specific parts of the body, which are also called "meridian tapping points." Meridians are what traditional Chinese medicine calls a person's "energy networks" or "pathways."
A skilled EFTpractitioner can help you through the process of saying powerfully emotional things out loud while tapping these spots with your fingertips.
In turn, this helps keep energy levels even and reduces stress. Many people who use EFT say that they feel a lot less stress and anxiety and less physical and emotional pain.

What Is The Best Way To Heal A Spinal Injury With Energy?

People who are new to energy healing may find it hard to decide which method is best for spinal damage.
The good newsis that you won't hurt yourself if you try them all. As a starting point, think about what you want to get out of energy healing and what you might feel most comfortable doing. If you don't mind being touched, you might want to try Reiki.
Woman meditating while receiving Reiki therapy
Woman meditating while receiving Reiki therapy

People Also Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Healing Energy?

Alternative medicine is based on the idea that the body has vital energy that flows through it. The goal of energy healing is to get the flow of energy in a person back into balance. It is used to help people feel better and less stressed out.

What Are Examples Of Energy Medicine?

This includes spiritual healing, psychic healing, therapeutic touch, healing touch, hands of light, esoteric healing, magnetic healing (now an old term that shouldn't be confused with magnet therapy), qigong healing, Reiki, crystal healing, Tong Ren therapy, distant healing, intercessory prayer, and other similar methods.

What Is Quantum Energy Healing?

Quantum healing is a mix of ideas that aren't based on science but are said to be based on quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Proponents of quantum healing say that health and well-being are controlled by quantum phenomena.


Even though most of the healing from a spinal cord injuryhappens in the first 3 to 6 months, healing can take much longer. If you use these therapeutic techniques often, your spine will be healthier.
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