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Healing Crystals For Spinal Cord Injuries


Recently, the number of American people using complementary and alternative medicine has increased. This covers everything from yoga and tai chi to acupuncture and even healing crystalsand also the special ones for spinal cord injuries.

In fact, you've undoubtedly overheard individuals praising and flaunting these stunning stones. But you might not be aware of what, if anything, they have to offer.

How Do Healing Crystals Function?

Crystalsare rocks with unique atomic arrangements, or arrangements that affect electrical charge, light refraction, and other physical properties.

These characteristics are highlighted by crystal healing, along with how they might impact the vibration, electrical charge, and operation of the human body.

Why Use Crystals For Healing?

There are numerous varieties of crystals available. Some individuals think they possess the capacity to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

In actuality, many prehistoric cultures, including those of Egypt, Greece, and China, held that crystals possessed healing abilities.

According to some, crystals have positive energy-flowing properties and can help you get rid of negative energy from your body and mind for emotional and physical benefits.

It's crucial to understand, however, that there is hardly any scientific data to back up the use of crystals.

The Physics Of Crystals

Although some research indicates they might have a placebo effect, crystals have often been rejected as pseudoscience.

According to an older study that was presented at conferences in 1999 and 2001 but not published in a peer-reviewed journal, any healing effects attributed to crystals were probably the product of the power of persuasion.

Taking research from 2005 as an example, Researchers from the University of Waterlooin Canada discovered that the human mind may be significantly more capable of healing than previously thought.

According to crystal master healer Sonali Saujani, "Crystals are made up of different elements or compounds, which our bodies react to in different ways." "Crystals are minerals that contain energy, and since humans are comprised of energy, working with a crystal allows us to exchange energy with it."

According to Saujani, crystals are utilized to enhance the performance of numerous commonplace items, including watches, plugs, medical equipment, and lasers.

She cites research from 2008 that claims quartz may serve as a flint to ignite a fire or produce electricity.

"I'm confident a crystal can accomplish a lot more if it can be piezoelectric or contain an electric charge. They prevent equipment from exploding and balance out electric currents, according to Saunjani. In a similar vein, crystals only serve to balance out the frequency of the electromagnetic currents in our bodies when it comes to their relationship to them.

How To Choose A Crystal?

Priorities first Before examining what the stones may provide, decide what you feel is missing. Before relying on outside sources, this will assist you in determining what is happening within yourself.

Just let your instincts decide what's best for you after that.

Your inner subconscious will direct you to the crystal that is best for you, whether it catches your eye or if you sense a physical pull toward it.

Once you've chosen it, you may establish the necessary connection.

What Stores Sell Crystals?

It's crucial to purchase genuine crystals from reputable sources. Overmining of crystals causes social and environmental problems in the nations where they are mined.

There are only so many crystals available since they can take hundreds of years to develop. Find out where the crystals come from by asking the crystal seller. For extremely rare crystals, they might even be able to offer a certificate of authenticity.

The best places to buy crystals are small, independent stores where you can examine, touch, and inquire about the item; retailers who offer a certificate of authenticity for rare crystals; websites like Bernardine ho share information about where healing crystals, like Mystic Wolf; and retailers with reasonable price points because cheaper isn't always better.

The Best Crystal For Spinal Cord Injury Is Crystal

Although we don't always have alexandrite in stock, it is known to be regenerative and beneficial for the spine.

Kunzite, selenite, and hematite are a few crystals that are frequently used to treat spinal problems. Kunzite is regenerating, much like Alexandrite. When the body heals spinal issues, it interacts with DNA to mend cellular structure.

Some argue that the healing properties of kunzite are due to its propensity to remove both energetic and physical barriers. Kunzite can help you identify any underlying, emotional causes of your problem by interacting with the Higher Heart Chakra.

A fantastic crystal that is both spiritually and physically healing is selenite. It is thought to specifically affect the spine, restoring its equilibrium and healing wounds by directing higher energies there.

Your energies can be raised to a higher level by using selenite, which mostly works with the top chakras and the third eye through the etheric chakras, allowing for more healing with higher frequencies.

The benefits of selenite for the spine and back are well documented. You can lay on your stomach with selenite on your spine and let that energy seep into your back and spine.

Protective hematite is the last stone that promotes equilibrium and can concentrate on spinal issues. By placing one hematite crystal on the lower spine and one on the upper spine or back of the neck, it is supposed to help mend breaks and promote alignment.

his crystal is extremely grounding and works with the root chakra; as a result, it pairs perfectly with the other two crystals I mentioned. It has the ability to lower the higher-frequency energy acquired from the two stones with higher chakras above and bring it into your normal reality.

Woman holding an amethyst stone
Woman holding an amethyst stone

People Also Ask

What Crystal Is Best Used For Healing?

Clear quartz is referred to as the "master healer" since it helps to spiritually attune all other crystals and align your chakras.

How Do I Use My Crystals?

  • Hold them when you need a little bit of support or reassurance.
  • Use them as part of your meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Pop one in your bra for all-day support (just remember to take it out before throwing it in the wash!)
  • Keep it in your wallet or purse - a good option for abundance crystals!

What Crystals Should Not Be Mixed?

  • Carnelian and Amethyst.
  • Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper.
  • Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine.
  • Sunstones and stones that are associated with Saturn and Venus.


The chances are that these healing crystals won't help you if you already have doubts about them. However, you are unlikely to be harmed by them. Despite the lack of scientific proof, humans have still experimented with crystals.

To benefit from the many things these stunning stones may provide, you must have an open mind. There is nothing wrong with giving crystals a genuine attempt, whether you are looking for general positive energy or specific healing qualities. You might be pleasantly surprised; who knows?

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