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How To Get Spinal Core Section - Farm The Easiest Resources

Spinal Core Section is a key item in Warframe for making things. You need it to move up in the Entrati Syndicate as well. To move up in the Entrati Syndicate, you need to find three Spinal Core Sections. This guide will show you how to get spinal core section.

Dr. Bill Butcher
Sep 27, 2022112 Shares1756 Views
In this post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to get Spinal Core sectionin the Warframe game. Digital Extremes makes and sells Warframe, an action role-playing game where you shoot from the third person.
When the Heart of Deimos update came out, there were a lot of new resources, like the Spinal Core Section.
This resource is used to make things like Kaku's Chassis, the Quassus melee weapon, and a few Necramech parts and mutagens. Even though the game doesn't tell you much about where to get this resource, we've found easy ways for you to farm Spinal Core Sections.

How To Get Spinal Core Section On Warframe?

How To Get Spinal Core Sections GUIDE | Warframe

The first thing you need to do is go to Daughter in the Necralisk and pay her 500 Entrati Standing for the Spari Spear. Then you'll need something to catch fish with.
After Fass and Vome have their fight that changes the cycle and one of them blows up all over the map, you can find bait. For this fish, you will need Fass bait, which is the yellow moon worm.
Once you have the bait, go to the cave that is marked on your map. This is where we found the cave fish Vitreospina. You can try other caves, but right now we don't know if it will show up anywhere else.
We also want to say that we were fishing during the Vome cycle, and we don't know yet if the Vitreospina only shows up during this cycle. Set up your fishing spear, throw out the bait, and wait for the fish to start coming.
You can't actually catch the fish in the water; you have to spear them as they fly through the air. When you have a lot of Vitreospina fish, go back to Daughter in the Necralisk and choose the option to "Cut Fish." You can use the Spinal Core Sections that you get from cutting up the Vitreospina that you caught.

How To Farm Spinal Core Section?

Warframe: Spinal Core Sections Farming

At the moment, there are two easy ways to get the Spinal Core Section. These are catching either Vitreospina or Chondricord, which are types of fish found in the Cambion Drift.
Most of the time, you can see these fish floating, and you can catch them with different kinds of fishing spears. You can use dye to make these fish stand out more, and bait like Fass Residue is a good way to make this fish stand out more.
Once you have caught enough of these fish, go to Kaelli (Daughter) to have them cut. You can also do bounties in the Isolation Vault to get Spinal Core Sections.

Spinal Core Section Farming Methods

Easiest Spinal Core Section farm | Warframe 2022

Vitreospina And Chondricord Fishing

Spinal Core Sections are basically cut-off pieces of either Vitreospina or Chondricord fish, which are usually found in caves near Cambion Drift. On the map, you can see where these caves are, and if you go to places with paths that look like water, you can fish in caves.
Sometimes it takes a while for the fish to show up, and some caves may look like good places to fish but don't have any fish.
Putting dye in a spot and waiting a minute or two is a good way to see if fish will be there. After that, Fass Residue can be used to help the two fish spawn.

Isolation Vault Bounties (Activate The Reactive Crystal At The Vault)

Isolation Vaults aren't just a way to get parts for Necramech and do missions to get more standing; they can also be used to get a number of other useful items. If you go into an Isolation Vault and kill the Necramech that is guarding it, you can get into a treasure room with a lot of resources in containers.
Surprisingly, Spinal Core Sections are one of the resources that can be found all over Cambion Drift. When you take the Isolation Vault bounty, you will only be able to open the vault once.
You will have to go back to the Necralisk to take the bounty again and get back into the treasure room.

People Also Ask

How Do You Get The Spinal Cord On Deimos?

The best way to get Spinal Cores in Heart of Deimos is to catch a fish called Vitreospina and cut it open. These rare fish live in the caves that are all over the area. Enter one of these caves, stand on the exocrine, which looks like thick water, and throw out some bait.

How Do You Fish A Deimos?

Both Fortuna and Cetus have spears that can be used to catch fish in Deimos's Cambion Drift. But these spears can't go through the "exocrine," which is where the infected fish swim freely. There are two new spears that can go through the exocrine and make it easier to catch fish on Deimos.

How Do You Get Chondricord?

Most of the time, Vitreospina and Chondricord are found in caves or near them. Vitreospina is more common to catch. Just go into a cave and get your fishing tool ready. Use Dye to make the fish more noticeable and Fass Residue to make Vitreospina more common.


At first, players thought this might be a resource that enemies drop or that can only be gotten in a certain way. In the end, it turned out that this is one of the easiest resources to get because you just have to fish for it.
Spinal Core Sections are easy to farm for players with more Warframe experience because they already have Warframes and fishing gear.
Beginners won't have much trouble with how to get the spinal core section because you can move through the game slowly to get everything you need, and fishing isn't too hard.
It might be hard to stay alive with all the enemies in the area, so it's best to use a Warframe that can kill enemies, stay hidden, or protect itself while fishing.
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