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Love Language Childhood Trauma - Expressed How You Want To Be Loved


Over the last several years, the understanding of numerous love language childhood trauma and methods to express love has progressively grown in popularity. It might be crucial for children who have suffered trauma to be able to express and receive love in a manner that makes sense to them.

This might be made more difficult if the kid you are caring for may have had their love language abused as a result of painful experiences. Children who have been subjected to abuse or neglect may respond differently to the love languages used by their foster parents or adoptive parents.

Here are some considerations for each love language childhood trauma, along with some substitutions that can make a kid feel more comfortable if they have suffered abuse in an area where their dominant love language is spoken.

What Was Your Love Language Childhood Trauma?

Child With A Woman Holding Map
Child With A Woman Holding Map

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Have you ever had a partner with whom you tried everything, yet nothing seemed to be working? When you eventually cross paths with them years later, is someone else carrying out your precise actions, and is it now successful? They may have recovered, and everything may now function.

The Love Languages In The Eye Of Trauma

Trauma may manifest in a variety of ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, etc. Additionally, it may be inherited or handed down generationally at birth. Because of this, when you don't take the time to heal your conscious and unconscious trauma, it hinders your ability to operate to the fullest.

Words Of Affirmation

This one is challenging! Some individuals live to speak. They will also express their love for their partners verbally, but if it is not the love language of childhood trauma, it will be meaningless.

But once again, if the statements are not taken seriously, it will encourage the speaker! If they are, it may complicate things in the relationship if they don't get a response. Going back to childhood, trauma results if a child's love language is words of affirmation and the adults in their life do not allow them the chance to communicate!

Likely, this adult won't even use positive language with the youngster! So how is it possible to expect this kid to learn their love language? You weren't supposed to talk until you were approached.

You had to raise your hands in class to talk, and oh no if the response was incorrect! Then came the beatings! This experience will undoubtedly have an impact on how this youngster communicates love!

What Your Love Style Says About Your Childhood

If Your Love Language Is Physical Touch

Your parents or siblings didn't give you many hugs, cuddles, or other displays of physical love. If, for instance, you and your siblings always got into fights or injured one another, you could have also experienced a touch you didn't enjoy.

If Your Love Language Is Quality Time

You may have spent a lot of your childhood alone because you were an only child, had different interests than the rest of your family, or were overshadowed by your siblings.

If Your Love Language Is Acts Of Service

When your parents were working, you could have always had to take care of yourself or had to start taking care of yourself and others, which is typical for latchkey kids or older siblings.

People Also Ask

Is It True That Your Love Language Is What You Lacked As A Child?

Your love language must be what you've been missing out on your whole life if you sincerely and deeply value something to the point that it dictates how you give and receive love.

What Happens When Love Languages Aren't Met?

If two partners aren't on the same page or if they don't know each other's love language, it may cause misunderstandings and wounded emotions.

Can Pain Be A Love Language?

Rushing into circumstances is a trait of those who utilize pain as an escape or love language.


The purpose of love language childhood trauma is to express how you want to be loved, but in my view, they also convey what you lack. You all experience an imbalance in some aspect of your lives, whether it is a lack of physical affection or appreciation.

Our love language teaches you how to find balance by looking for a mate who can satisfy your needs while also satisfying theirs so that you can both be fulfilled.

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