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The Worst Injuries Ever In Soccer And The Players Who Almost Finished Their Careers For Them

Many people who have had injuries that broke their hearts have gone through rehabilitation to get back on the field. Others have had to leave a job that seemed exciting because they got hurt. But some of the the worst injuries ever in soccer have not ended the careers of the players who received them.

Dr. Bill Butcher
Nov 16, 202218 Shares680 Views
World football is one of the most watched sports in the world, so its intensity may hit home. As the competition in a sport gets tougher, the game gets more physical, which means soccer injuries are bound to happen.
Many people who have had injuries that broke their hearts have gone through rehabilitation to get back on the field.
Others have had to leave a job that seemed exciting because they got hurt. But some of the the worst injuries ever in soccerhave not ended the careers of the players who received them.

How To Stop Soccer Injuries

A soccer-related injuryis less likely if people know about it, notice it early, and take steps to avoid it. Here are some of the best ways to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

The Worst Injuries Ever In Soccer And The Players Who Got Them

Let's look at the worst injuries that have ever happened in football. Do they deserve to be called the worst injuries in football history? According to LigaDeportiva experts that see week by week footballinjuries, they do but what do you think about?

Eduardo Da Silva

Martin Taylor, a defender for Birmingham City, made a terrible tackle on Eduardo Da Silva while he was playing for Arsenal in a game in February 2008.
Da Silva got a broken left fibula and a dislocated left ankle because of this. Before he could play for the Arsenal first team again, he had to heal for almost a year.
Eduardo with Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur in 2009
Eduardo with Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur in 2009

Kieron Dyer

Kieron Dyer was a good English footballer who played for Ipswich Town and Newcastle United before he moved to West Ham United in 2007.
Ten days after making his first appearance for the club, Kieron Dyer got hurt badly in a Carabao Cupgame against Bristol Rovers. Kieron Dyer was hurt so badly that he broke his right leg in two places.
Even 17 months after the accident, the damage to his career kept getting worse. He played for Queen Park Rangers and Middleborough before he stopped playing. In an article from 2018 that appeared in the Daily Mail, he said that leaving his job was a relief for him.

Bert Trautmann

Bert Trautmann was a great goalkeeper who did what he had to do to keep the ball out of his goal. The goalkeeper for Manchester City, who played for the team from 1949 to 1964, hurt his neck in the 1955–56 season.
Bert Trautmann got hurt when he dove to catch a ball coming at him but hit his neck on Peter Murphy, a player for Birmingham.
He stayed on the field for the rest of the game. But when he went to the doctor about pain in his neck, an x-ray showed that five of his vertebrae were out of place, and the second one was broken in two.

Federico Mattiello

Federico Mattiello was on loan from Juventus to Chievo at the time. During a game against Roma, when he was 19 years old, he got into a tackle that left him in a really bad way.
In an Italian Serie A game on March 8, 2015, he got into a fight with Roma player Radja Nainggolan and broke his leg. He needed medical care right away. He was taken to the hospital right away.

Petr Cech

Petr Cech is known for being a great goalkeeper and for wearing a mask that keeps his head and face safe. Every soccer fan remembers the event that made Petr Cech famous for wearing that mask. In a match against Reading in October 2006, Petr Cech got hurt when his head hit one of the Reading players, Stephen Hunt.
Cech had surgery to fix a depressed skull fracture, and it turned out that the injury almost killed him. He got better and went back to playing, but this time he wore his mask.

David Busst

In April 1996, David Busst, a defender for Coventry, collided with Manchester United's Denis Irwin so hard that his leg bone went through his skin and his blood turned the ground around him red.
He broke both of his legs, so he could never play professional sports again. Maybe the worst soccer injury ever is one that keeps you from playing on a professional team. How do you feel?
David busst injury in manchester
David busst injury in manchester

Aaron Ramsey

In 2010, when Ryan Shawcross tackled Aaron Ramsey during a game against Stoke City, he broke his leg in two places.
Aaron fell down when he hit the ground and was left writhing on the ground with his right foot hanging at an odd angle. Ryan got a red card right away and had to leave the field.

Manuel Pablo

In the Galician derby on September 30, 2001, between Celta de Vigo and Manuel Pablo, Everton's Giovanella gave Manuel Pablo a terrible tibia injury with a tackle.
The injury happened just a few months before the 2002 World Cup, which was to be held in Japan and South Korea. He was supposed to play for Spain in that tournament.

Juan Arango

Juan Arango was a football player from Venezuela who played for the La Liga team RCD Mallorca. Juan Arango broke his cheekbone in March 2005 when he collided with Seville player Javi Bavaro during a game against Seville.
He also put his tongue in his mouth and passed out. A month after getting hurt, he got better and went back to work.
Juan Arango playing in Germany
Juan Arango playing in Germany

Patrick Battiston

Patrick Battiston, a French football player, is best known for the World Cup semifinal in 1982, which caused a lot of fuss. Harald Schumacher, the goalie for West Germany, hit Battison's hip with a high tackle.
Battison was knocked out and fell to the ground, breaking his back and knocking out some of his teeth in the process. Patrick Battiston's injury was so bad that the French player was given oxygen right there on the field.

Preston Burpo

Preston Burpo was a goalkeeper for the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer. In 2010, he got hurt and had to end his career. In a challenge, he ran into New York Red Bulls player Dane Richards, which led to the accident. As a result of the challenge, both of his legs broke.

The Most Common Injuries In Soccer

The difference between the two is that an acute injury, like a broken leg, is caused by a sudden blow, while a cumulative injury, like a pulled groin, is usually caused by wear and tear over time.

People Also Ask

What Are The Most Painful Soccer Injuries?

Shin splints, which cause pain in the calf, patellar tendinitis, which causes pain in the knee, and Achilles tendinitis, which causes pain in the back of the ankle, are some of the most common overuse injuries in soccer. Soccer players also often pull their groin muscles and strain their thigh and calf muscles.

What Are The Top 3 Injuries In Soccer?

  • Ankle sprain
  • Knee sprain
  • Calf strains

What's The Worst Injury In Football Ever?

This play doesn't need a start. In 1985, on Monday Night Football, legendary New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor hit Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann. It was one of the worst injuries ever seen on live TV in any sport.


Early diagnosis and preparation can help prevent or lessen soccer injuries on and off the field. Knowing what caused the worst injuries ever in soccer is the best way to avoid them.
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