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Tooth Discoloration After Trauma Child - Dangers And Concerns


Tooth discoloration after trauma child is a terrible reality, particularly for young children who have not yet established the greatest coordination and muscular control. This is especially true for children who are still teething.

In many cases, tooth injuries are just superficial, and when they do occur, they heal just as quickly as an injury to any other area of a child's rapidly developing body.

On the other hand, sometimes the damage may be very serious, and it may have a long-term impact on the oral health of your kid. Every parent needs to be ready for their child to suffer a tooth injury and should know how to recognize the warning symptoms of a more severe injury.

Baby teeth might become discolored if a child's first tooth is knocked. Typically, this occurs two to three weeks following the incident. It often takes on a bluish or purplish cast.

The degree of an injury is not necessarily a determining factor in whether or not the victim experiences a loss of vision. The tooth's likelihood of becoming black seems to increase, however, if the tooth is dislocated or knocked extremely loose at the moment of the damage.

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After a month, if it hasn't turned black, there shouldn't be any more issues. In cases of internal resorption, in which the tooth resorbs from the inside out, the tooth may instead take on a pinkish hue.

Will The Tooth Ever Get Lighter Again?

It may lighten the back. In reality, the majority do, but it takes time. Simply put, the blood supply is inadequate there. Additionally, the tooth may have been so dislodged that the blood supply has been harmed.

Those teeth may never get better or lighter. After all of that, the majority of black baby teeth do lighten again. If it's a permanent tooth, it's a very other situation. The darkening of a permanently damaged tooth often indicates that the tooth is dying and will need a root canal to be saved.

A close up view of yellowish teeth
A close up view of yellowish teeth

What Should I Do If The Tooth Doesn't Become Lighter?

Just keep watching it if the tooth has become black and there are no other indications of an injury or illness. Treatment is often not necessary.

If an x-ray can be performed, we will do so to look for any issues. Due to the pulp within the tooth dying in rare instances, the tooth may abscess.

There is no access for the body to heal. So it's crucial to keep an eye out for it. If the tooth is dark and you just don't like how it looks, we may place a front filling or, if necessary, a white crown.

Do You Have a Single Discoloured Front tooth?

Dangers And Concerns

All of these three listed situations may cause dental issues.

  • Chipped teeth are prevalent. Young children may chip a tooth while falling, playing, or bathing. Chipped teeth aren't dental emergencies, although you should get the tooth inspected soon after the injury.
  • When a child's tooth is knocked loose, it might be worrisome, but they usually recover fast.
  • Your youngster can lose a tooth with enough power. Your dentist may advocate letting the Tooth Fairy collect a primary or baby tooth. Replacing the tooth may alter the development of the main tooth, which is risky. A spacer helps prevent dental crowding.

A grey, brown or black tooth following trauma may worry parents. Damaged teeth do this. The grayish tint is caused by increased blood flow to fractured tooth arteries.

Sometimes it disappears, but often the tooth stays darker than others. Lack of blood flow won't totally reverse the tooth's discoloration. This seldom affects a baby's tooth.

In the months after a chipped or loose tooth, check for indicators of problems. Even if the tooth's color doesn't return, it may be healthy and stay so with proper care.

In rare circumstances, tooth pulp might die from trauma and restricted blood supply. Abscess. Young toddlers commonly lose teeth due to these painful illnesses.

The only other option is a root canal, but the care and price are frequently too much for a baby tooth, which will fall out anyhow.

Abscesses cause fever, gum and face swelling, and discomfort. Some kids can't express pain. A youngster may complain of nasal discomfort if a front tooth abscesses, even if the infection is in the tooth root.

Abscesses are medical and dental emergencies because they may infect human tissue. Antibiotics and tooth extraction treat the infection.

People Also Ask

Is It Possible To Remedy Grey, Brown, Or Black Teeth?

Waiting for a child's permanent teeth to come in is the simplest solution. In most dental trauma instances, experts try to save the tooth.

What If An Adult Gets Into This Tooth Discoloration Problem?

There are natural and medical cures for a non-dead tooth. Veneers and crowns are the most popular treatments. Porcelain or composite prosthodontic materials disguise broken teeth.

Can Tooth Discoloration Be Reversed After Trauma?

If your traumatized tooth is still alive and discolored, it will usually return to normal four to 10 weeks after the damage, however, it might take six months.


In conclusion, it's not uncommon to observe tooth discoloration after trauma in a child. A gradual return to normal brightness is to be expected. However, even if it doesn't, there may be no need for intervention beyond monitoring.

Abscesses are very unusual, and in such cases, removal or a root canal on the baby tooth is necessary. Of course, the best way to determine the correct course of therapy is to see us for an examination and x-ray.

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