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Trauma Egg Examples And Exercises


A trauma egg examples enables a person to make a list of all the emotionally stressful and upsetting things that have happened to them from the moment they were born to the present. More crucially, the practice aids in the start of personal belief identification for the traumatic experiences that follow.

A youngster may develop a theory about why they were abandoned, for instance, if they are often abandoned. They could give people the impression that they are worthless or that they are not good enough.

Trauma egg examples are unpleasant and disempowering, and they keep individuals from realizing their true emotional needs.

People who don't know how to satisfy their emotional needs in healthy ways may resort to drugs, alcohol, sex, or a range of other substances and activities to attempt to make up for their unmet emotional needs.

Three Brown Eggs On A Wooden Table
Three Brown Eggs On A Wooden Table

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  • On a sizable piece of paper, draw a giant oval egg.
  • Write "Father" in the bottom left corner and include both positive and negative adjectives that best describe your father.
  • Write "Mother" in the bottom right corner and include both positive and negative adjectives that best describe your mother.
  • Your family's unwritten or stated rules, such as "Be good," "Life is hard," "Fit in," "Make money," etc., should be included in the upper left corner.
  • Write out your family roles in the top right corner of the page, such as "difficult kid," "family clown," "nice daughter," "scapegoat," etc.
  • Write down or create symbols to represent your negative life events, starting at the oldest age you can recall and moving up the trauma egg chronologically starting with your birth. Create a bubble for the five to ten most unpleasant or challenging moments in your life. Take events that include extreme disappointment, betrayal, fear, or abuse into consideration.
  • Bad life experiences give rise to constrained views. Write out your "mission," beginning with how it was affected by trauma at the top of the egg.
  • Look for themes that keep coming up in your bad experiences, like being left alone, having high expectations, being desperate, and so on.
  • What would your goal be if you could live your life over again without having to endure the traumas and negative experiences that you have endured? Write a new version of your life's purpose that motivates you.

Jim Cress teaches how to draw a Trauma Egg

Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs Using The Trauma Egg

The Trauma Egg was created by Marilyn Murray as a component of her theoretical therapy paradigm known as The Murray Method for treating emotional trauma. Patrick Carnes subsequently modified it for use in his work with sexual addiction.

It may be used by anybody to process different types of trauma egg examples, from traumatic events as a kid to major traumas, and to better understand how those experiences have affected their lives.

However, the individual treatment also works effectively. Traditionally, this exercise is most effective when done in a group setting with the assistance of others. Ask your client or congregation to spend around two hours as homework sketching the trauma egg according to the instructions below, using the example supplied on the final page as a guide.

People Also Ask

What Are Trauma Eggs?

Each participant in the trauma egg intervention is required to identify unwritten family norms, family roles, and descriptions of both parents. Drawn on paper is the exterior of a huge egg.

Who Created The Trauma Egg?

Marilyn Murray, a psychotherapist, came up with the trauma egg exercise as a way to help people get over emotional trauma.

What Is A Trauma Timeline?

A trauma timeline is created by starting with a pen and paper project, creating a thorough history of one's traumatic childhood events that made them feel abandoned.


You may discuss some of the horrors you may have never revealed before and find closure via this very introspective practice. You become more conscious of your trauma egg examples events and the beliefs associated with them as you discuss and examine them.

It enables you to see certain trends in the ways you were traumatized throughout your life and the kinds of triggers that put you in a helpless or vulnerable position once again.

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