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Trauma Of Mother Losing Custody Of Child - Ambiguous Loss


The trauma of mother losing custody of childis a devastating experience. It is generally known that grieving the loss of a child has negative effects on one's healthand social functioning. The mental health of women who have lost a child is poorer than that of mothers who have not.

Losing custody of a child because you worked with a child protection agency is also a form of parental loss. Parents no longer have control over how and when they engage with their children, and parents may go for extended periods without being able to see their children.

This is sometimes perceived as a "living death," marked by ambiguous grief. Because they didn't meet society's standards for being a good parent, women who lose custody of their kids don't always get much sympathy for their pain.

Mother Crying Over The Shoes Of Her Kid
Mother Crying Over The Shoes Of Her Kid

Reasons A Mother Can Lose A Custody Battle

First, you need to be aware of these things.

  • In this article, a mother is discussed whose grave wrongdoing ought to result in her losing custody. It has nothing to do with how a parent should behave in needless or irrational litigation.
  • This also applies to dads who have the guts to take the child custody dispute to court. Without a strategy, a goal is only a desire. You should not read this article if you "want" to make changes but won't implement them.
  • You are at the right spot if you have the strength and bravery to reveal the mother's wrongdoing in family court and bring about good improvements in your child's life.
  • The list of chapters for this topic is provided below. If you want to go on, click on each picture.
  • In addition, you produced a companion movie for this post. You'll get a good preview of what you'll read in the video. The table of contents is below the video.

Child Abuse

The traumaof mother losing custody of child or having mistreated her children physically, emotionally, or both are quite likely to lose custody of them. Hitting, kicking, scratching, biting, burning, physical torture, sexual abuse, or any other sort of pain done to the kid by the mother are examples of physical abuse.

Abuse of the mind, whether psychological, emotional, or verbal, often shows up in the following ways:

  • Is the kid being rejected or being made to feel useless or unimportant?
  • The kid was insulted, mocked, and shamed.
  • Putting a child in danger by threatening to hurt them, destroying their things, or leaving them alone.
  • Keeping a youngster alone or preventing them from making friends.
  • Using, abusing, or corrupting a child, or encouraging them to act inappropriately or abnormally.
  • Disregarding or failing to care for the child.

Remember that child psychologists, social workers, and other professionals search for social and behavioral symptoms of abuse even if a kid is unable to express the psychological trauma.

These include academic issues; eating and/or sleeping difficulties; depression; anxiety; issues with controlling one's temper; and disobedient conduct. The court may alter the present custody arrangements if doing so would be in the children's best interests and if there is adequate proof of the mother's abusive behavior.

Are There Any Situations Where a Mother Can Lose Custody Even if Their Child Is Still Very Young?

How States Handle Child Separation Cases?

The procedures and conditions for reunion vary from state to state but eventually follow a similar pattern. The ultimate objective for parents is to mend their lives and demonstrate that they can provide their kids with a safe place to live.

In Arizona, a governing body that handles parent-child separation cases is known as the Department of Child Services (DCS) or Child Protective Services (CPS). According to their regulations.

The parent has specific rights and obligations that call for proactive participation and program completion to obtain their child back. It's important to be aware of your rights while speaking with DCS.

Lack Of Involvement

Even if it's due to rigorous work, several professions, or military duty, a woman who wants to take care of and nurture her kid but is away a lot of the time may lose custody. The parent who can spend the most time with the kid will often get custody from the court.

People Also Ask

How Do You Deal With Not Being Able To See Your Children?

Be gentle with yourself; treat yourself as you would a friend who confides in you about their difficulties.

What Happens When A Child Is Separated From Their Mother?

Being forcefully taken from your kid may cause suffering, hopelessness, remorse, blame, and melancholy.

Can Lose A Child Cause Mental Illness?

According to the same study team, the risk of mental illness is much higher among parents who have lost a child.


If the father lets the mother break the rules set by the court, the mother won't be able to understand that she could lose custody. All it does is reinforce for the mother her belief that court rules are just recommendations rather than requirements.

The longer a parent lets this go on, the harder it could be to convince the court that he or she is taking the problem seriously but the trauma of mother losing custody of child is also not good.

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