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Unknown Childhood Trauma Triggers - It Shows When You're Stressed


Talking about the unknown childhood trauma triggers, life may be quite challenging when trauma occurs. It may occur at any time and in many different forms, affecting how you think, behave, and deal with emotions.

These traumatic experiences might reappear in ways that you don't always recognize. There are moments when you feel as though something is wrong with you. You have peculiar reactions to particular situations, individuals, or events.

You're trying to figure out whether something happened to cause this feeling. You might wish to think about whether you should watch out for adult victims of suppressed childhood trauma.

It is quite challenging to endure traumatic situations in your early years. Some individuals' brains decide to shove the memories deeper into their unconsciousness so they may carry on with their daily lives.

You don't decide to do it. Your brain uses it as a coping technique so you may live and try to prosper. But you might have problems because of the trauma you went through as a child and not even know it.

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What Causes Trauma Triggers?

Child in Brown Jacket and Orange Beanie Sitting on Snow Covered Ground
Child in Brown Jacket and Orange Beanie Sitting on Snow Covered Ground

Your brain is on high alert when you are confronting a stressful incident. As a result, it might not immediately process the event. PTSD may develop as a result of an experience that is not remembered as having happened in the past.

Your brain links many aspects of the traumatic experience to the horrible memory. Any type of information, including feelings, images, or odors, might be included. Because your brain doesn't know that the threat is no longer there, these trauma triggers may bring back bad feelings or memories of the traumatic event.

Triggers may make the experience seem unconnected. They are brought on by associations that your brain forms as a safeguard. For instance, your brain can start to link a certain perfume with danger if you smell it before a painful experience.

Why Are You Having Unknown Childhood Trauma Triggers?

You might not be aware of what is causing the sensations or memories of trauma since trauma triggers are not always visible. The causes of unknown childhood trauma triggers are as follows.

Being With People That Are Emotional

When someone expresses powerful emotions, those who have had abused or neglected childhoods may get uncomfortable. You can find yourself feeling uneasy more and more, whether someone starts crying or raises their voice.

One reason why this occurs has to do with how the emotions of other people impact your own. You can find yourself bursting with feelings you weren't supposed to feel when another person starts to cry. As a result, the circumstance becomes unpleasant, and leaving becomes a top priority.

Time And Anniversaries

Any memory of the incident's period may serve as a trigger for trauma since traumas are brought on by recollections of prior experiences. You may feel more anxious than usual if the anniversary of a loved one's passing or the date of a terrible catastrophe is drawing near.

Your brain is quite adept at recognizing patterns, so any indication that an event anniversary is approaching, such as a change in the seasons or an advance in the calendar by one month, might act as a subliminal reminder.

This is your brain warning you to be terrified of something terrible happening. Your brain activates to guide you to safety when patterns resemble those of when a terrible incident occurred.

In certain situations, this can help you escape danger, but in others, it's utterly inevitable and time-consuming. Even though trauma is extremely tough, it's crucial to understand that there is support and a means to recover from it.

6 Unknown Childhood Trauma Triggers 2022

People Also Ask

Can You Have Childhood Trauma And Not Know?

You might not be aware of it all the time, but when you're stressed, symptoms of childhood trauma might show up.

What Are Childhood Trauma Triggers?

The most frequent triggers are sight and sound, followed by touch, smell, and finally taste.

How Does Childhood Trauma Manifest In Adults?

Childhood trauma can also make a person feel alone and unable to connect with others.


Regarding the unknown childhood trauma triggers, the first step toward rehabilitation is understanding the symptoms of suppressed childhood trauma in adulthood. You must remember those memories in a safe place where trained professionals can help you understand and deal with the trauma.

Children who have experienced trauma come to believe that they are inadequate. They could blame themselves, thinking that if they were better, their parents would love them more, or they might blame the way they are treated on others.

Even when this self-perception is unconsciously or partially unconsciously held, it can be quite challenging to change later in life. A person may eventually realize why their parent acted the way they did; this could be due to their unresolved childhood trauma or a medical or mental illness.

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